Dry Eye: Health and Wellness

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Dry Eye: Health and Wellness

Artificial Tears
Frequently – If using a single bottle (with screw cap) then use 4-6 times a day. If using preservative free vials (single time use) then use as often as needed.

L Lid Hygiene
Use a warm compress 1-2 times daily, then scrub and massage
 eyelash base using Lid Scrubs like Ocusoft pad or foam, or dilute
baby shampoo, or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

O Omega 3
Recommend increasing dietary sources like fish, flaxseed, nuts,
vegetables, or add a supplement like Fish or Flaxseed Oil (2-4
grams/day), or Krill Oil (MegaReds)


Increase your water intake to about ½ gallon a day (64 oz) and try to
limit caffeine and alcohol which cause dehydration.  Discuss with
your primary medical doctor about medications that may be
dehydrating too.

A More Artificial Tears

Don’t forget to use them frequently.  Try different brands until you
find one suitable for you.

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