Products to Reduce Swelling/Bruising

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There are products that can be used to help reduce swelling post operatively for in patients undergoing eyelid surgery.  Consider using one of the following, but check with your primary care doctor or myself if you have questions.


Pineapple juice is known to have an antiinflammatory effect.  The high bromelain content eases inflammation but can prolong bleeding.  The usual daily amount is three to four doses of 40 mg, or two slices of pinapple a day. If you are drinking the juice, make sure it is fresh and not processed.   If you have problems with bleeding, kidney or liver disease, high blood pressure, or experience heavy mentrual bleeding, use bromelain with caution.  Consult with your medical doctor.

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for reducing inflammation and pain.  It can cause bleeding, so if you have problems with prolonged bleeding, or conditions associated with bleeding ( such as intestinal problems, heavy menstrual periods, liver or kidney disease for example) use arnica with caution and consult with your medical doctor.  Arnica comes in different forms.  The type that is meant to be disolved under your tongue is the type to be used to reduce post surgical swelling.

Medications such as aspirin, motrin, ibuprofen, coumadin, warfarin, Lovenox, Plavix, heparin also prolong bleeding time.  If you are unsure if your medications cause bleeding, please ask before taking any of the products listed above.  There are many medications prescribed and supplements over the counter that cause "thinning of the blood" and could interact with the Arnica or Pineapple juice.


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